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Welcome to the official laboratory plain-text dashboard. We use the section to announce updates/upgrades of the infrastructure, new partners, important artciles of core members or program status messages. All lab news articles are streamed to the rss network news feed by twitter, facebook or linkedin. Enjoy the plain-text information and stay up-2-date with the vulnerability research laboratory.

DateNews ArticleCategoryViews
2011-09-27ServersCheck monitoring software v8.8.11 available [FIXED!]Press43645
2011-09-26International Atomic Energy Agency fixed critical issue [FIXED]Press42001
2011-09-24V-Laboratory RSS Feeds available on Index and UpcomingsUpdates43831
2011-09-22HITB Malaysia - Skype Vulnerabilities: 0Day Exploitation 2011Events42253
2011-09-21USGS Gov - Fast patch of critical SQL Injection issue [FIXED]Press41969
2011-09-21SQL Injection & persistent XSS on TvTotal Website [FIXED!]Press43629
2011-09-18New Partnership - HuneLock Keyu Intelligence (hunelock.com)Partnership42162
2011-09-17Registration for V-Laboratory researchers available!Updates42265
2011-09-13Vulnerability Laboratory User registration - Startup 12h+Updates42157
2011-09-12LaPoste (FR) - Multiple critical Vulnerabilities [FIXED!]Press41942
2011-09-06Skype patched a new persistent high priority vulnerabilityPress41924
2011-08-29Lab discovered new StarMoney Banking Software VulnerabilitiesAdvisories43289
2011-08-27RTL closed multiple medium priority vulnerabilities [FIXED!]Press42314
2011-08-26New Partnership - Security Guardian (security-guardian.com)Partnership42096
2011-08-25Strato GmbH patched multiple DOM XSS Bugs on ACP [FIXED!]Press42219
2011-08-22Critical Pointer Vulnerability on Skype Software [FIXED!]Press43737
2011-08-21Vulnerability Lab - Disclosure Partnership ProgramUpdates43697
2011-08-18Noptrix released new persistent Skype VulnerabilityPress41992
2011-08-15Medical Center of Neurologie Columbia - SQL Injection [FIXED!] Press42007
2011-08-07Pim Campers and Benjamin Kunz Mejri Speakers @ HITB MalaysiaEvents43513
2011-08-03Upgrade, more details & information available on laboratory!Updates42133
2011-08-02AOK GesundheitsKasse fixed critical SQL Injection VulnerabilityPress41974
2011-08-02Facebook Bug Bounty #1 #2 - Multiple Web VulnerabilitiesAdvisories45024
2011-07-30[Customer] First 7 Skype Exploitation Maps ReleasedResearch43714
2011-07-280 Day Skype Denial of Service Vulnerability released on LabPress42196
2011-07-25ICQ v7.5 Remote Vulnerability discovered by Lab ResearcherAdvisories43291
2011-07-22New Laboratory Updates - Information, Details and UpcomingsUpdates42151
2011-07-14(CFP) HITB Malaysia - Skype VoIP Software Exploitation 2011Press43810
2011-07-120 Day Skype Exploitation Video - Released by Noptrix and VLabAdvisories43506
2011-07-08Customer Section, Listing and Infrastructure UpgradeUpdates42240

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