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Welcome to the official laboratory plain-text dashboard. We use the section to announce updates/upgrades of the infrastructure, new partners, important artciles of core members or program status messages. All lab news articles are streamed to the rss network news feed by twitter, facebook or linkedin. Enjoy the plain-text information and stay up-2-date with the vulnerability research laboratory.

Total List: Press

DateNews ArticleCategoryViews
2015-05-12Bug Bounty Program Award Winners 2014 - Exclusive InterviewsPress20997
2015-02-12Best Bug Bounty Program Award Winners and Trophy - 2014 Q4Press23675
2014-03-18Mirza Security - Call for Interview to Benjamin CEO & FounderPress39473
2013-05-015000$ PayPal Bug Bounty – Remote Auth Bypass VulnerabilityPress41704
2013-04-25Ebrahim Hegazy becomes official Laboratory Team memberPress41385
2013-04-15TheRegister uncovered details of a PayPal GP+ SQL InjectionPress39880
2013-03-02Lab discovered second Apple iOS Bypass VulnerabilityPress42702
2013-01-22Blind Injection in Paypal core fixed by Paypal Security TeamPress42540
2012-12-18Sonicwall addressed bug and updated to SonicOS v5.8.1.9Press41728
2012-12-13PayPal Fixes Persistent Vulnerability in “Addressbook” ModulePress44183
2012-12-02PayPal Fixes Trio of Remote-Access VulnerabilitiesPress42798
2012-11-19Microsoft fixed Vulnerabilities in the Skype Account SystemPress41829
2012-10-11Flaws in VOlk-Botnet 4.0 Allow Victims to Fight BackPress44376
2012-10-03Flaws in PayPal Allow Cybercriminals to Hijack User SessionsPress42728
2012-05-16Mobile Spy App Vulnerabilities discovered by lab memberPress42396
2012-04-24Researcher disclosed Vulnerability in IPhone SMS WebServerPress43667
2012-04-13Critical blind SQL Injection Vulnerbailities on Oracle Corp fixedPress47945
2012-04-07Researchers @ Hall of Fame - Microsoft, Apple and GooglePress43460
2012-03-29Skype Corruption & Peristent Weakness Vulnerability releasedPress42100
2012-03-01Elitsoft patched critical bug in Central Console AppliancePress42177
2012-02-13Softpedia Interview with Ucha Gobejishvili M. alias longrifle0xPress40974
2012-01-26Verkehrsbetriebe Berlin Brandenburg closed Bug via hotfixPress43541
2012-01-23Critical SQL Injection Vulnerabilities on Koeln/Bonn AirportPress43687
2012-01-21Lab discovered Bugs on Airport Duesseldorf InfrastructurePress42230
2012-01-14Vulnerability in AirPort DuesselDorf closed by DUS INT TeamPress42167
2012-01-06FAQ Center Vulnerability - Fast Update by Strato Dev TeamPress42478
2011-12-20Memory Corruption in Kaspersky IS&AV 2011/2012 releasedPress42305
2011-12-06Critical Postgre SQL issue in chinese Academy of Governance NSAPress42017
2011-12-02Interview with Alexander Fuchs - NATO RTO/OTAN VulnerabilityPress42139
2011-11-07Researcher discovered high priority bug on WhiteHouse ServicePress43577

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