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Hacktivity Stats Page of the Vulnerability Laboratory Core Team

The hacktivity status is about the last 100+ reported commercial bug bounties of the international vulnerability-laboratory. The statistic displays the last 100+ commercial bug bounties of the vulnerability lab core team only. The list provides six new categories in a table.

First comes the publication date of the bug bounty. The second category is the product manufacturer/vendor. The third column impacts the typus description of the vulnerability. Number four reveals the bug bounty or acknowledgement count. The 5th column displays the tracking id of the issue. To complete the issue we included the author information at the end.

Note: The last column impact the author name information. Anonymous disclosed issue in the laboratory are not tracked by the hacktivity website. If the reward amount is attached to a security report the hacktivity website can capture it. Feel free to write us a mail that you want to become listed in the official hacktivity-meter website.

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Core Team Rewards


Bug Type
2017-09-18 Microsoft Remote Acknowledgement 2094 S.AbenMassaoud
2017-09-04 Wibu Systems AG Remote Acknowledgement 2074 Benjamin K.M.
2017-08-31 Adobe Remote Acknowledgement 2086 Lawrence Amer
2017-07-07 Microsoft Remote Acknowledgement 2087 S.AbenMassaoud
2017-07-01 Microsoft Remote Acknowledgement 2071 Vuln Core Labs
2017-06-21 PayPal Inc Remote Bug Bounty 1973 Chamli
2017-05-23 Lufthansa Remote Acknowledgement 2060 Benjamin K.M.
2017-03-29 Syncbreeze Remote Acknowledgement 2045 S.AbenMassaoud
2017-03-16 Zenario Remote Acknowledgement 2044 Benjamin K.M.
2017-03-15 Vodafone Remote Bug Bounty 20170112507291 Marco Onorati
2017-02-24 Socrata Remote Bug Bounty e84c18ce4083 Benjamin K.M.
2017-02-02 Salesforce Remote Bug Bounty 1991 Benjamin K.M.
2017-01-20 Apple Remote Acknowledgement 2024 Benjamin K.M.
2017-01-19 FullContact Remote Acknowledgement 1904 S.AbenMassaoud
2017-01-18 Cisco Remote Acknowledgement 1950 Lawrence Amer
2017-01-12 Huawei Remote Acknowledgement 2026 S.AbenMassaoud
2017-01-10 Huawei Remote Acknowledgement 2025 S.AbenMassaoud
2017-01-09 Bit Defender Remote Bug Bounty 1683 Lawrence Amer
2017-01-02 Lufthansa Remote Acknowledgement LHPROD-60691 Vuln Core Labs
2017-01-01 Telekom Remote Acknowledgement 20161205_FKr_02 Benjamin K.M.
2016-12-20 Deutsche Bahn Local Acknowledgement 20161024 Vuln Core Labs
2016-12-13 Wickr Inc Remote Bug Bounty e05732802847 Benjamin K.M.
2016-12-03 Dell SonicWall Remote Acknowledgement 1729 Benjamin K.M.
2016-12-01 Dell SonicWall Remote Acknowledgement 1725 Benjamin K.M.
2016-11-28 Tenda Remote Acknowledgement 1990 S.AbenMassaoud
2016-11-18 Huawei Remote Acknowledgement 2010 S.AbenMassaoud
2016-11-17 Apple Local Acknowledgement 2012 Benjamin K.M.
2016-11-09 Adobe Remote Acknowledgement 1838 Benjamin K.M.
2016-11-03 Dell SonicWall Remote Acknowledgement 1819 Benjamin K.M.
2016-11-01 SAP Remote Bug Bounty e05732875387 Chamli
2016-10-11 Facebook Remote Bug Bounty 1972 S.AbenMassaoud
2016-10-04 Cyberoam Remote Acknowledgement 1850 Lawrence Amer
2016-08-30 Kaspersky Remote Acknowledgement 1924 Lawrence Amer
2016-08-29 Edmondo Remote Acknowledgement 1921 S.AbenMassaoud
2016-08-29 Kaspersky Remote Acknowledgement 1934 Lawrence Amer
2016-08-29 Kaspersky Remote Acknowledgement 1934 Lawrence Amer
2016-08-11 Microsoft Remote Acknowledgement 1897 S.AbenMassaoud
2016-08-09 Fortinet Remote Acknowledgement 1842 Benjamin K.M.
2016-08-08 Facebook Remote Bug Bounty 1896 S.AbenMassaoud
2016-08-05 Fortinet Remote Acknowledgement 1735 Lawrence Amer
2016-08-04 Fortinet Remote Acknowledgement 1685 Benjamin K.M.
2016-08-03 Fortinet Remote Acknowledgement 1686 Vulnerability-Lab
2016-08-02 Fortinet Remote Acknowledgement 1684 Benjamin K.M.
2016-08-01 Fortinet Remote Acknowledgement 1687 Marco Onorati
2016-07-26 SaveYa Remote Bug Bounty 1857 Benjamin K.M.
2016-07-19 Django SF Remote Acknowledgement 1869 Benjamin K.M.
2016-07-18 PayPal Inc Remote Bug Bounty 1903 Shawar Khan
2016-07-03 Dell SonicWall Remote Acknowledgement 1819 Benjamin K.M.
2016-07-01 Saveya Remote Bug Bounty 1857 Benjamin K.M.
2016-06-21 Dell SonicWall Remote Acknowledgement 1729 Benjamin K.M.
2016-06-20 Dell SonicWall Remote Acknowledgement 1725 Benjamin K.M.
2016-06-15 Ladesk Remote Bug Bounty 1849 Benjamin K.M.
2016-06-02 CareMonkey Remote Bug Bounty 1873 Lawrence Amer
2016-05-24 Teampass Local Acknowledgement 1845 Peter Kok
2016-05-18 PepLink Remote Acknowledgement 1841 Lawrence Amer
2016-05-18 Teampass Remote Acknowledgement 1844 Peter Kok
2016-05-16 TeamPass Remote Acknowledgement 1843 Peter Kok
2016-05-10 Bugcrowd Inc Remote Bug Bounty 1830 Benjamin K.M.
2016-05-02 Krauth (ATM) Local Acknowledgement 1837 Benjamin K.M.
2016-04-29 Mapbox Remote Bug Bounty 1787 Benjamin K.M.
2016-04-27 CWP Remote Acknowledgement 1833 Marco Onorati
2016-04-26 Oracle Corporation Remote Acknowledgement 1667 Tommy DeVoss
2016-04-25 Trend Micro Remote Acknowledgement 1693 Vuln Core Labs
2016-04-21 Microsoft Remote Bug Bounty e29538335641 Vuln Core Labs
2016-04-19 Django SF Remote Acknowledgement 1820 Benjamin K.M.
2016-04-15 Redhat Remote Acknowledgement e07538285682 Lawrence Amer
2016-04-14 Cyberoam Remote Acknowledgement 1721 Lawrence Amer
2016-04-14 Django SF Remote Acknowledgement 1821 Benjamin K.M.
2016-04-12 UBNT Remote Bug Bounty 1466 Vuln Core Labs
2016-04-11 Microsoft Remote Bug Bounty e5716592856712 Vuln Core Labs
2016-04-04 Apple Local Acknowledgement 1814 Benjamin K.M.
2016-03-31 Trend Micro Remote Acknowledgement 1694 Vuln Core Labs
2016-03-16 PayPal Inc Remote Bug Bounty 1627 Benjamin K.M.
2016-03-06 Yahoo! Remote Bug Bounty 1777 Lawrence Amer
2016-03-03 AVG Remote Acknowledgement 1660 Karim Rahal
2016-03-01 Facebook Remote Bug Bounty 1768 Vuln Core Labs
2016-03-01 Adobe Remote Acknowledgement 1630 Vuln Core Labs
2016-02-19 Adobe Application-Side Acknowledgement e571659216562 Daniel Diez
2016-02-13 DPD Application-Side Bug Bounty e571659216551 Vuln Core Labs
2016-02-10 ifixit Application-Side Bug Bounty e571659216559 Vuln Core Labs
2016-02-09 ifixit Application-Side Bug Bounty e571659216555 Vuln Core Labs
2016-01-23 Prezi Application-Side Bug Bounty e571659216563 Milan A Solanki
2016-01-18 Ebay Inc Remote Acknowledgement 1203 Benjamin K.M.
2016-01-16 Ubiquiti Networks Application-Side Bug Bounty e571659216561 Milan A Solanki
2016-01-15 Adobe Application-Side Acknowledgement e571659216564 Benjamin K.M.
2016-01-14 Ebay Client-Side Bug Bounty e571659216560 Lokesh Kumar
2016-01-13 ifixit Client-Side Bug Bounty e571659216558 Vuln Core Labs
2016-01-12 ifixit Application-Side Bug Bounty e571659216557 Vuln Core Labs
2016-01-11 ifixit Application-Side Bug Bounty e571659216556 Vuln Core Labs
2016-01-07 DPD Application-Side Bug Bounty e5716592165454 Vuln Core Labs
2016-01-06 DPD Application-Side Bug Bounty e5716592165453 Vuln Core Labs
2015-12-16 PayPal Inc Client-Side Bug Bounty e571659216552 Benjamin K.M.
2015-12-13 Apple Hardware Acknowledgement e571659216550 Benjamin K.M.
2015-12-13 Adobe Application-Side Acknowledgement e571659216549 Vuln Core Labs
2015-12-10 Sparkasse Application-Side Bug Bounty e571659216548 Benjamin K.M.
2015-12-08 Apple Application-Side Acknowledgement e571659216547 Benjamin K.M.
2015-12-07 Apple Application-Side Acknowledgement e571659216546 Vuln Core Labs
2015-12-06 United Airlines Application-Side Bug Bounty e571659216545 Vuln Core Labs
2015-12-05 Ebay Inc Magento Application-Side Bug Bounty e571659216544 Vuln Core Labs
2015-12-03 Apple Application-Side Acknowledgement e571659216543 Vuln Core Labs

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