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Welcome to the official laboratory plain-text dashboard. We use the section to announce updates/upgrades of the infrastructure, new partners, important artciles of core members or program status messages. All lab news articles are streamed to the rss network news feed by twitter, facebook or linkedin. Enjoy the plain-text information and stay up-2-date with the vulnerability research laboratory.

DateNews ArticleCategoryViews
2016-12-24Christmas Greetings & a Happy New Year 2017Events886
2016-10-05Exclusive Public & Private Programs for Security ResearchersUpdates1448
2016-08-17Vulnerability Laboratory - New Modules, Functions & InformationUpdates2101
2016-04-13Vulnerability Laboratory - New Modules, Updates & UpgradesUpdates6697
2015-10-13Partnership, Exchange and Cooperation - SecWk JinlongSecPartnership13782
2015-05-12Bug Bounty Program Award Winners 2014 - Exclusive InterviewsPress19282
2015-02-12Best Bug Bounty Program Award Winners and Trophy - 2014 Q4Press21952
2014-10-08Remote SQL Vulnerabilities patched in CN Government ProgramsResearch30016
2014-10-06Vulnerability Lab becomes a GmbH in 2014 & Lab UpdatesUpdates29762
2014-08-26Lab Updates Available - Bug Bounty, Award and HacktivityUpdates30769
2014-05-11New List of Bug Bounty Programs and Security Reward ProgramsUpdates38302
2014-03-24Bug fixes in Drupal Premium News_Center Template moduleUpdates38856
2014-03-18Laboratory Update - Security Video and Documents SectionUpdates38707
2014-03-18Mirza Security - Call for Interview to Benjamin CEO & FounderPress39014
2014-02-06SQL Injection & RCE Vulnerabilities - Deutsche Telekom SystemsAdvisories38922
2013-12-25Merry Christmas - To be continued in 2014Events38858
2013-11-28PressePortal DE patched critical SQL Injection VulnerabilityAdvisories40013
2013-10-17Partnership, Exchange and Cooperation - Beethink SoftwarePartnership38978
2013-10-07Announcement of Partnership with HackInSight MagazinePartnership38981
2013-09-11Microsoft SharePoint Sever 2013 - Security Bulletin MS13-067Advisories38550
2013-08-06Responsible Disclosure - Microsoft Yammer oAuth Bypass 15126Advisories44277
2013-07-26Official Vulnerability-Lab PenTesting company startup!Updates38763
2013-06-20Researcher got accepted to join Core Research TeamResearch38904
2013-05-21Hacker broke security framework core of Trend Micro DirectPassAdvisories40953
2013-05-015000$ PayPal Bug Bounty – Remote Auth Bypass VulnerabilityPress41093
2013-04-25Ebrahim Hegazy becomes official Laboratory Team memberPress40840
2013-04-15TheRegister uncovered details of a PayPal GP+ SQL InjectionPress39319
2013-04-08Acknowledgement to Vulnerability Researchers - April 2013Updates39888
2013-03-28Softpedia Interview - Ibrahim Mosaad El-Sayed - ATAST CTF 2013Events39869
2013-03-02Lab discovered second Apple iOS Bypass VulnerabilityPress42391

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