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FAQ - Information Vulnerability Laboratory

01. Why was the Vulnerability Lab built?
02. Who is behind this project?
03. How is an advisory published?
04. How can I participate in the project?
05. Who cannot participate in the project?
06. What does an author gain by releasing a weakness?
07. Who are the clients of the subscription feeds?
08. Who are not clients of the subscription feeds?
09. When is a vulnerability released and when will it not be released?
10. How does the Vulnerability Lab create a secure communication layer between authors & companies?
11. Do you also promote other groups / teams / researchers?
12. How can I contact the administrators of the Vulnerability Lab?
13. How can I contact the support team of the Vulnerability Lab?
14. I'am a vendor of a product. Where can I request details of the vulnerabilities found in certain products?
15. How can I find vulnerabilities from a certain author?
16. How can I find the vulnerabilities from a certain month?
17. Where can I search for certain vulnerabilities?
18. I have a good idea to improve the Vulnerability Lab. What email address can I send my ideas to?
19. I would like to become a customer of the Vulnerability-Lab. How to contact the lab to discuss all options?
20. I would like to have my products tested by the core team of the Vulnerability-Lab. How to?
21. What kind of vulnerabilities does the Vulnerability-Lab accept and detect?
22. Which products is Vulnerability-Lab mainly interested in?
23. What happens if two vulnerability researchers submit the same vulnerability to be verified?
24. How does Vulnerability-Lab protect the researcher?
25. Why are upcoming advisories only viewable with restrictions?
26. How do I follow your mobile/public RSS Feed?
27. What details, resources, and data are provided on an advisory?
28. How does the role system work?
29. How can I see the complete details of the upcoming advisories?
30. How long does it take since my account is activated by the moderators?
31. Does the Vulnerability Lab Team inform the Vendor or Manufacturer about every vulnerability?
32. Benefits for individual researcher charged with 0%?
33. Requirements/information for partners?


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