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Welcome to the official laboratory plain-text dashboard. We use the section to announce updates/upgrades of the infrastructure, new partners, important artciles of core members or program status messages. All lab news articles are streamed to the rss network news feed by twitter, facebook or linkedin. Enjoy the plain-text information and stay up-2-date with the vulnerability research laboratory.

DateNews ArticleCategoryViews
2012-02-01Benefit, Rewards, Partners & Intro Website UpdatesUpdates42465
2012-01-26Verkehrsbetriebe Berlin Brandenburg closed Bug via hotfixPress43513
2012-01-23Critical SQL Injection Vulnerabilities on Koeln/Bonn AirportPress43664
2012-01-21Lab discovered Bugs on Airport Duesseldorf InfrastructurePress42200
2012-01-14Vulnerability in AirPort DuesselDorf closed by DUS INT TeamPress42143
2012-01-06FAQ Center Vulnerability - Fast Update by Strato Dev TeamPress42447
2012-01-03Kaspersky IS AV 2012 Bug released by Laboratory ResearcherAdvisories43135
2011-12-30Happy New Year 2012 by Vulnerability LabsVulnerability-Lab43802
2011-12-23Merry X-Mas @ Team, Partners, Analysts and ResearchersVulnerability-Lab42022
2011-12-20Call for Paper x 2 - HackinTheBox Amsterdam 2012Events43820
2011-12-20Memory Corruption in Kaspersky IS&AV 2011/2012 releasedPress42278
2011-12-06Critical Postgre SQL issue in chinese Academy of Governance NSAPress41986
2011-12-02Interview with Alexander Fuchs - NATO RTO/OTAN VulnerabilityPress42108
2011-12-02New features - Upcomings, Index and Customer SectionUpdates43938
2011-11-29Forum available within 1 week for researchers & customersUpdates42057
2011-11-193 new Modules & different Laboratory Section UpgradesUpdates43677
2011-11-09Updates, Cooperation, Thanks & Vendor Product VulnerabilitiesVulnerability-Lab42056
2011-11-07Researcher discovered high priority bug on WhiteHouse ServicePress43548
2011-11-03NATO Research and Technology Organisation fixed RFI [FIXED!]Press41934
2011-11-02Service and infrastructure updates of todayUpdates42026
2011-10-31Prosieben Community - Persistent Script Code Injection [FIXED!]Press43568
2011-10-20Technical exchange with China National Vulnerability DatabasePartnership42521
2011-10-19Softpedia Exclusive Interview: Benjamin Kunz Mejri, VL FounderPress44069
2011-10-19Disclosure partnership between Endian and Vulnerability LabPartnership42148
2011-10-06eFront Enterprise Edition fixed critical SQL Injection [FIXED!]Press43446
2011-10-06Apple fixed client-side XSS issue in http exception handlingPress42043
2011-10-04Canadian ISP patched critical database injection bug [FIXED!]Press43558
2011-10-03Multiple little features and updates successful implementedUpdates42035
2011-10-01HotFix available for SonicWalls ViewPoint v6.0 SP2 [FIXED!]Press43531
2011-09-28CONFERENCE AGENDA -­ HITB MALAYSIA|KUL 2011Events42159

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