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Exclusive Bug Bounty- & Responsible Disclosure Programs

Welcome to the official Bug Bounty and Responsible Disclosure Programs of the Vulnerability Laboratory. Here you can review and participate in the most exclusive bug bounty- and responsible disclosure programs of the vulnerability laboratory community.

The vulnerability laboratory core team is responsible for all programs to ensure that the services are non fraudulent, active responsible to researchers, informativ in the program, not overloaded on communication and reliable for payouts to researchers. Feel free to participate in any bug bounty- or responsible disclosure program of your choice.

Last Update Responsible Programs Bug Bounty Programs

Start DateExclusive Program NameProgramVendorHitsEnd Date
2016-07-01Vulnerability LaboratoryResponsibleVulnerability-Lab25882018-12-31

Manufacturers can contact us by email to contribute as part of the vulnerability laboratory system.

Bug Bounty Programs: Download

Responsible Disclosure Programs Download

The documents are available for companies and product vendors to startup an own responsible disclosure- or bug bounty -program with rules or guidlines. Feel free to contact us after a frist preview.

Copyrights, Permission & Trademarks

All pictures, texts, advisories, sourcecodes, ressources, videos and other information of the vulnerability lab website is trademark of the evolution security gmbh company & the specific authors, manufacturer or manager team. To record, public list(feed/auto), modify, public demo usage, copy or edit our material contact the administrators or managers of the program to get a permission.

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