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[ Web Application Vulnerabilities ]

DDateRAdvisory NameVSTypeViewsAuthor
D2016-08-22Jaws CMS v1.1.1 - Privilege Escalate CSRF Vulnerability3.3Remote1351ZwX
D2016-08-17phpCollab v2.5 CMS - Privilege Escalate CSRF Vulnerability3.3Remote2078ZwX
D2016-08-16ISPconfig v3.0.5.4 p6 - UI Exception & XSS Vulnerability3.5Remote2142Vulnerability-Lab
D2016-08-11QuickerBB 0.7.0 - Register Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability3.2Remote2419Benjamin K.M.
D2016-08-10Stash v1.0.3 CMS - SQL Injection Vulnerability6Remote2147Benjamin K.M.
D2016-08-09Nuke Evolution 2.0.9d - Multiple CS Cross Site Vulnerabilities3.4Remote1982Benjamin K.M.
D2016-08-08phpCollab v2.5 CMS - SQL Injection Vulnerability6.6Remote2006Benjamin K.M.
D2016-08-04Subrion v4.0.5 CMS - SQL Injection Vulnerability7Remote2432Benjamin K.M.
D2016-08-03Typesettercms v5.0.1 - (Delete Files) CSRF Vulnerability3Remote2327ZwX
D2016-08-02Docebo LMS 6.9 - (Moxie) API Calls RST RCE Vulnerability7.3Remote2443Lawrence Amer
D2016-08-01Car CMS v3.00.30 - Search Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability3.2Remote2183ZwX
D2016-07-29Guppy CMS v5.01.03 - Client Side Cross Site Vulnerability3.3Remote2504Benjamin K.M.
Note: The web-application vulnerabilities section impact only web vulnerabilities in web-applications products or services.

[ Vendor Vulnerabilities ]

DDateRAdvisory NameVSTypeViewsAuthor
D2016-08-22Edmodo #1 - Persistent Input Validation Vulnerability3.3Remote1436SaifAllahbenMassaoud
D2016-08-12PayPal Inc BB #127 - 2FA Bypass Vulnerability6.2Remote3580Shawar Khan
D2016-08-10Microsoft Education - Stored Cross Site Web Vulnerability3.6Remote1527SaifAllahbenMassaoud
D2016-08-09FortiVoice v5.0 - Filter Bypass & Persistent Vulnerability3.6Remote7767Benjamin K.M.
D2016-08-08Facebook BB #33 - Bypass ID to linked Phone Number3.5Remote2647SaifAllahbenMassaoud
D2016-08-05FortiCloud - Reports Summary Persistent Vulnerabilities3.6Remote13750Lawrence Amer
D2016-08-04FortiManager (Series) - Persistent Bookmark Vulnerability3.8Remote12044Benjamin K.M.
D2016-08-03FortiAnalyzer & FortiManager - CS Cross Site Vulnerability3Remote12820Vulnerability-Lab
D2016-08-02FortiManager (Series) - Multiple Web Vulnerabilities3.8Remote12506Benjamin K.M.
D2016-08-01FortiManager & FortiAnalyzer - Persistent Web Vulnerability3.7Remote15186Marco Onorati
D2016-07-26Saveya Bounty #1 - Bypass & Persistent Vulnerability3.7Remote4598Benjamin K.M.
D2016-07-19Django CMS v3.3.0 - (Editor Snippet) Persistent Vulnerability3.5Remote4448Benjamin K.M.
Note: The vendor vulnerabilities section impact vulnerabilities in well-known or famous manufacturer products.

[ Remote Vulnerabilities ]

DDateRAdvisory NameVSTypeViewsAuthor
D2016-07-06Teampass 2.1.26 - Authenticated File Upload Vulnerability7.2Remote4543Peter Kok
D2016-07-05Teampass v2.1.26 - Privilege Escalate Vulnerability5.6Remote4011Peter Kok
D2016-05-18Teampass v2.1.25 - Unauthenticated Access Vulnerability6.8Remote6145Peter Kok
D2016-05-17Teampass v2.1.25 - Arbitrary File Download Vulnerability8.1Remote6971Peter Kok
D2016-03-06Yahoo Bug Bounty #37 - Sender Spoofing Vulnerability 3Remote9426Lawrence Amer
D2016-02-10Apache Sling Framework v2.3.6 - Information Disclosure6.4Remote23461Ateeq Khan
D2016-02-03Compal ConnectBox - Wireless Passphrase Filter Bypass5.8Remote10945Marco Onorati
D2015-11-23Vbulletin 5.x - Remote Code Execution Exploit (PL)8.3Remote17432Reza Espargham
D2015-10-06W150D Wireless N 150 ADSL2 Modem Router Vulnerability2.4Remote17862Lawrence Amer
D2015-09-03Zhone ADSL2+ 4P Bridge&Router - Multiple Vulnerabilities8.8Remote18949Mahmoud Khaled
D2015-08-16PDF Shaper v3.5 - (MSF) Buffer Overflow Vulnerability7.9Remote18773metacom
D2015-08-15MS HTA (HTML Application) - Code Execution (MS14-064)9.3Remote19674Reza Espargham
Note: The remote vulnerabilities section impact only remote exploitable vulnerabilities in software products or services.

[ Local Vulnerabilities ]

DDateRAdvisory NameVSTypeViewsAuthor
D2016-08-22AVS Audio Converter 8.2.1 - Buffer Overflow Vulnerability6.3Local1607ZwX
D2016-07-29WinSaber - Unquoted Service Path Privilege Escalation4.2Local2712ZwX
D2016-07-28MediaCoder 0.8.45 - Buffer Overflow Vulnerability6Local2159ZwX
D2016-07-27Zortam Media Studio 20.60 - Buffer Overflow Vulnerability6.5Local2462ZwX
D2016-07-26VUPlayer 2.49 - (.wax) Buffer Overflow Vulnerability6.4Local2516ZwX
D2016-07-25VUPlayer 2.49 - (.pls) Buffer Overflow Vulnerability6.4Local2512ZwX
D2016-06-13FlashFXP v5.3.0 (Win) - Memory Corruption Vulnerability5.1Local5935Benjamin K.M.
D2015-12-01Aeris Calandar v2.1 - Buffer Overflow Vulnerability6.4Local14992ZwX
D2015-11-26POP Peeper 4.0.1 - Persistent Code Execution Vulnerability5.7Local15282ZwX
D2015-11-23Switch v4.68 - Code Execution Vulnerability8.2Local16202ZwX
D2015-11-22SoundTap 2.27 - Code Execution Vulnerability8.1Local15689ZwX
D2015-10-19Free WMA MP3 Converter - Buffer Overflow Exploit (SEH)7.5Local17747ZwX
Note: The local vulnerabilities section impact only the local exploitable vulnerabilities in software products or services.

[ Mobile Vulnerabilities ]

DDateRAdvisory NameVSTypeViewsAuthor
D2016-08-01Zoll ePCR v2.6.4 iOS - Multiple Persistent Vulnerabilities3.5Local2641Vulnerability-Lab
D2016-07-27Zoll Checklist v1.2.2 iOS - Multiple Persistent Vulnerabilities3.6Remote2741Vulnerability-Lab
D2016-05-25Bashi v1.6 iOS - Persistent Mail Encoding Vulnerability3.4Local6309Vulnerability-Lab
D2016-05-02WK UDID v1.0.1 iOS - Command Inject Vulnerability5.6Local20354Vulnerability-Lab
D2016-04-25Notes v4.5 iOS - Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability6Remote8008Vulnerability-Lab
D2016-04-14C & C++ for OS - Filter Bypass & Persistent Vulnerability3.5Remote7475Vulnerability-Lab
D2016-04-05Perli v2.6 iOS - Filter Bypass & Persistent Vulnerability3.5Remote8180Vulnerability-Lab
D2016-03-31Python v2.7 v1.5.4 iOS - Bypass & Persistent Vulnerability3.6Remote9473Vulnerability-Lab
D2016-02-28Fing v3.3.0 iOS - Persistent Mail Encoding Vulnerability3.5Local10084Vulnerability-Lab
D2016-02-22InstantCoder v1.0 iOS - Multiple Web Vulnerabilities6.6Remote10372Vulnerability-Lab
D2016-02-11HD Video Player v2.5 iOS - Multiple Web Vulnerabilities7.3Remote9218Vulnerability-Lab
D2016-02-10MyScript Memo v3.0 iOS - (Mail) Persistent Vulnerability3.6Remote9454Vulnerability-Lab
Note: The mobile vulnerabilities section impact vulnerabilities in operating systems, applications, software & hardware.

[ Website Vulnerabilities ]

DDateRAdvisory NameVSTypeViewsAuthor
D2016-08-30Kaspersky Company Account - FileManager Vulnerability3.5Remote1002Lawrence Amer
D2016-08-29Kaspersky Company Account - Response XSS Vulnerability3.5Remote1154Lawrence Amer
D2016-07-07BMW ConnectedDrive - (Update) VIN Session Vulnerability6Remote21972Benjamin K.M.
D2016-07-06BMW - (Token) Client Side Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability3.6Remote17856Benjamin K.M.
D2016-05-25AVAST (Shop) #18 - Multiple Client Side XSS Vulnerabilities3.3Remote16219Karim Rahal
D2016-05-24AVAST (Business) #17 - Persistent Web Vulnerability3.7Remote15968Karim Rahal
D2016-05-23AVAST Business #14 - Client Side Cross Site Vulnerability3.3Remote16387Kieran Claessens
D2016-05-10Trend Micro (Direct Pass) - Persistent Web Vulnerability3.7Remote9999Karim Rahal
D2016-05-09Stanford University - Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities7.8Remote10059Benjamin K.M.
D2016-05-01Trend Micro Direct Pass - Bypass & Cross Site Vulnerability4.3Remote10498Karim Rahal
D2016-04-25Trend Micro (Account) - Email Spoofing Web Vulnerability4.6Remote10746Vulnerability Labs
D2016-04-19AVAST #13 - Persistent Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability3.2Remote15702Karim Rahal
Note: The website vulnerabilities section impact vulnerabilities in website services and well-known service applications.

[ IT-Security Documents ]

DDateRAdvisory NameVSTypeViewsAuthor
D2015-11-17Mobile Application Security - Main Issues & Vulnerabilities3.3Report16627Vulnerability-Lab
D2015-08-09Bettercap - New MITM Framework3.5Tutorial19409Rajivarnan R.
D2015-01-30Glibc Ghost Vulnerability (CVE-2015-0235) - How to Secure6.8Report24051Rajivarnan R.
D2014-07-29Wickr Announcement - Bug Bounty Program 2014RReport25160Wickr Security
D2014-05-12Vulnerable Workers in Uncertain Times - 4th Conference CFPRReport29138ADAPT IT
D2014-04-09HeartBleed SSL CVE 20140160 - 10 Steps to Fix in UbuntuRReport26996Vulnerability-Lab
D2014-03-26ES746 Support-Bulletin - EMS Vulnerability Resolved3.5Bulletins26501Vulnerability-Lab
D2014-03-13RFP - External Network Vulnerability Assessment & PenTestRReport26673Ismail Kaleem
D2014-01-31HackInTheBox Quartal Magazine - eZine Issue 10RMagazin26568HITB TEAM
D2013-05-28Filter Evasion and Bypass Methods - Pentest MagazineRReport32229Vulnerability-Lab
D2012-11-30HackInTheBox Quartal Magazine - eZine Issue 09RMagazin28822HITB TEAM
D2012-11-26Security in a serious way [THN] - eZine Issue 014RMagazin28526THN TEAM
Note: The documents section impact security reports, security analysis, vulnerability analysis or research reportages.

[ IT-Security Videos ]

DDateRAdvisory NameVSTypeViewsAuthor
D2016-08-22CareMonkey - Reset Password Token Remote Vulnerability6.4Remote1056Lawrence Amer
D2016-08-02Docebo LMS 6.9 - (Moxie) API Calls RST RCE PoC7.4Remote1981Lawrence Amer
D2016-06-27Bitdefender Bug Bounty PenTest Video - 4 Vulnerabilities5.3Remote3471Vulnerability Labs
D2016-04-26NVV Ticket Krauth ATM - (NaN) Devide by Zero Vulnerability6Local7511Vulnerability-Lab
D2016-04-25Prezi Desktop Client - Persistent Cross Site Vulnerabilities3.6Remote7114Milan A Solanki
D2016-03-30PayPal Bug Bounty #121 - Bypass & Persistent Vulnerability3.7Remote9469Benjamin K.M.
D2016-03-06Apple iOS v9.2.1 - Multiple PassCode Bypass Vulnerabilities6.4Local11242Vulnerability-Lab
D2016-02-23Prezi Bug Bounty #7 - (Charts) Persistent Vulnerability3.9Remote9659Milan A Solanki
D2016-02-22UBNT AirCRM - 3 x Persistent Cross Site Scripting3.8Remote9649Milan A Solanki
D2016-02-18ifixit Bug Bounty #6 - (Profile) Persistent Vulnerability3.6Remote9098Vulnerability Labs
D2016-02-17ifixit Bug Bounty #5 - Guide Search Persistent Vulnerability3.8Remote8987Vulnerability Labs
D2016-02-04Apple iOS v9.x - Application Update Loop Pass Code Bypass6Local10342Vulnerability-Lab
Note: The security video section demonstrates live hacks, proof of concepts, reproduce videos & exploitation videos.

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