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Vulnerability Lab - Project Partners, Exchange & Sponsors

Contact us for a stable & trusted partnership or commercials! We provide a free banner exchange website for active security projects, services, bugbounty programs, official & legal websites or labs. Our categories of partners are splitted in 8 parts.

Link: Logos & Banners

- Information Exchange Partnership (ID, ADVISORY & TECHNICAL/SPECIAL SUPPORT)
- Security Conference & Event Partnership (SUPPORT 4 SPEAKERS, TALKS & PRESENTATIONS)
- Vulnerability Exchange Partners (BUGBOUNTY & COMMERCIAL REWARD PROGRAMS)
- Research Team Exchange Partnership (FEED UPDATES & COOPERATIVE COMPANIES)
- Vulnerability Disclosure Partnership (SOFTWARE/SERVICES/APPLICATIONS)
- Security Researcher Acknowledgment Partnership (HALL OF FAME & MONTHLY ACKNOWLEDGMENTS)
- Security Media & News Partnership (SECURITY NEWS & MAGAZINES)
- Trusted Security Community Partnership (SECURITY COMPANIES)


Sponsorship & Coordination

Vulnerability Laboratory - Intelligence Security Vulnerability Program (EU)
www.vulnerability-lab.com or www.vuln-lab.com

Evolution Security - Penetration Tests & Vulnerability Assessment (INT)
www.evolution-sec.com or www.evolution-sec.com/service


Information Exchange Partnership

CNNVD - China National Vulnerability Database of Information Security (CN)
www.cnnvd.org.cn or www.itsec.gov.cn

Open CNVD - China National Vulnerability Database (CN)
www.cnvd.org.cn or www.cnvd.org.cn/publish

American University in Cairo - Official Campus and University (AUC) (EG)
www.aucegypt.edu or www.aucegypt.edu/research



Security Conference & Event Partnership

Hack in the Box - Official Security Conference Website (NL|MY)
conference.hitb.org or conference.hitb.org//hackweekday

The Hackers Conference - International Security Conference (IN)
thehackersconference.com or thehackersconference.com/cfp



Vulnerability Exchange Partners (Bug Bounty)


PayPal Online Payment - Official Community Bug Bounty Program (US)
www.paypal.com or www.paypal-deutschland.de


Barracuda Networks - Official Community Bug Bounty Program (US)
www.barracudanetworks.com or www.barracudalabs.com/bugbounty


Facebook Security Team - Bug Bounty & White-Hats Hall (US)
www.facebook.com or www.facebook.com/bugbounty


Google AG - Official Community Bug Bounty Program (US)
www.google.com or www.google.com/bugbounty


Mozilla Corporation - Official Bug Bounty Program (US|EU)
www.mozilla.org/security or www.mozilla.org/bugbounty



Research Team Exchange Partnership

Cloud 7 Infrasec AG (Acunetix) - Cloud, Application & Product Security (UK|MT)
www.acunetix.com or www.cloud7-infrasec.com

Beethink Software - Anti-Ddos Guardian & Security Prevention Software (US)
www.beethink.com or www.beethink.com/antiddos

Endian Firewall - UTM Firewalls, IDS & Monitoring Appliance (INT/BZ)
www.endian.com or www.endian.com/community

Security Guardian - IDS, Security Checks & Analyses (FR)
www.security-guardian.com or www.security-guardian.com/web-security



Vulnerability Disclosure Partnership

Pandora FMS - Monitoring System Application (SP)
www.pandorafms.org or www.artica.es

ServerGuard24 - Service- & System Monitoring (EU)
www.serverguard24.de or www.serverguard24.com

Woltlab GmbH - Disclosure Partnership on Burning Board Products (DE)
www.woltlab.com or www.woltlab.com/forum

OpenSight Software - Client Development & Service Company (US)
www.opensight-software.com/copyright or www.flashfxp.com/about_us

Distimo - Analysis, Appstore, Monitor & Report Applications (NL)
www.distimo.com or www.distimo.com/products


Security Research Acknowledgment Partnership

Microsoft Corp - OS, Software, Application & Services (US)
www.microsoft.com or www.microsoft.com/msrc

Adobe - Services, Reader, Player & Frameworks (US)
www.adobe.com or www.adobe.com/acknowledgments

eFront - Learning Solutions for Enterprise (GR)
www.efrontlearning.net or www.efrontlearning.net/enterpise



Security Media & News Partnership

Secure Business Intelligence - News, Information & SC Magazine (AU)
www.scmagazine.com.au or www.scmagazine.com.au/news

Softpedia - News, Downloads & Information around the World (RO|INT)
www.softpedia.com or www.softpedia.com/security

The Register - News, Downloads & Information around the World (UK)
www.theregister.co.uk or www.theregister.co.uk/security

PenTest Magazine - IT Security Magazine (FR)
www.pentestmag.com or www.pentestmag.com/download

Hackin9 - Hardcore IT-Security Magazin (PL)
www.hakin9.org or www.hakin9.org/de

eHacking News - Information Security and Hacking News Portal (INT)
www.ehackingnews.com or www.ehackingnews.com/partners

Vietnam Security News - Asian Security News & Information Community (VN)
www.vnsecurity.vn or www.vnsecurity.vn/about

Hack In Sight Magazine - Eastern IT-Security News Resource (IN)
www.hackinsight.org or www.hackinsight.org/magazines


Trusted Security Community Partnership

Hune Keyu Intelligence - Electronic Security Locks & Services (CN)
www.hunelock.com or www.hunelock.com/products [Catalog-2011]

Government Security Community - Network Security & News [Unofficial] (US)
www.governmentsecurity.org or www.governmentsecurity.org/forum

John Draper (Captain Crunch) - Shop, Security News & Mailinglist (US|LAS)
www.webcrunchers.com or www.cafepress.com/crunchman


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