Document Title: =============== ImportExportTools NG 10.0.4 - HTML Injection Vulnerability Date: ===== 2021-11-05 References: =========== VL-ID: ===== 2308 Common Vulnerability Scoring System: ==================================== 4.2 Vulnerability Class: ==================== Script Code Injection Introduction: ============= Adds tools to import/export messages and folders (NextGen). (Copy of the Homepage: ) Abstract: ========= The vulnerability laboratory core research team discovered a persistent validation vulnerability in the official ImportExportTools NG 10.0.4 for mozilla thunderbird. Affected Product(s): ==================== Christopher Leidigh Product: ImportExportTools NG v10.0.4 - Addon (Mozilla Thunderbird) Report-Timeline: ================ 2021-10-07: Researcher Notification & Coordination (Security Researcher) 2021-10-08: Vendor Notification (Security Department) 2021-**-**: Vendor Response/Feedback (Security Department) 2021-**-**: Vendor Fix/Patch (Service Developer Team) 2021-**-**: Security Acknowledgements (Security Department) 2021-11-05: Public Disclosure (Vulnerability Laboratory) Status: ======== Published Exploitation-Technique: ======================= Remote Severity: ========= Medium Details: ======== A html inject web vulnerability has been discovered in the official ImportExportTools NG 10.0.4 for mozilla thunderbird. The vulnerability allows a remote attacker to inject html payloads to compromise application data or session credentials. The vulnerability is located in the html export function. Subject content on export is not sanitized like on exports in mozilla itself. Thus allows a remote attacker to send malicious emails with malformed a html payloads that executes on preview after a html export by the victim user. Vulnerable Module(s): [+] Export (HTML) Proof of Concept: ================= The web vulnerability can be exploited by remote attackers without user account and with low or medium user interaction. For security demonstration or to reproduce the vulnerability follow the provided information and steps below to continue. Manual steps to reproduce the vulnerability ... 1. Install mozilla thunderbird 2. Install ImportExportTools NG v10.0.4 3. Use another email to write to the target inbox were the export takes place Note: Inject into the subject any html test payload 4. Target user exports his content of the inbox in html were the payload executes 5. Successful reproduce of the encode validation vulnerability! Note: We reported some years ago the same issue that was also present in keepass and kaspersky password manager on exports via html and has been successfully resolved. Vulnerable Source: ImportExportTools Exported HTML File Posteingang

Posteingang (10/07/2021)

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