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Registration - International Vulnerability Laboratory

Register to the vulnerability laboratory and get a researcher/customer account to upgrade your skills, experience, talks and present your stable references. We provide 2 laboratory passes to our customers & researchers.

Register a Free Vulnerability Laboratory Researcher Account
The lab researcher account allows to startup as user in the laboratory infrastructure. The account is for 100% free and grants a researcher a minimum access of 3 month. Lab Researcher accounts can become an update to the Manager status.

- Account allows to access all index vulnerabilities and pocs
- Account allows to store advisories via public profile
- Registered users can submit with anonymous user own vulnerabilities
- Active accounts can get activity updates to use the manager panel for own vulnerabilities

Register a Laboratory Customer Account
The lab customer account allows to review a shared zero-day vulnerabilities feed with weekly updates. The account is available for the industry people that watch out for 0day vulnerabilities, issue analysis or monitor security activities. The section is also well known for good non-public security reports and zero-day advisory.

- Account allows to access all index zero-day vulnerabilities and pocs
- Account allows to access all customer section zero-day vulnerabilities and pocs
- Account allows to access the shared customer vulnerability section with 0days vulnerabilities and pocs
- Account can request the customer support of the vulnerability laboratory 24/7h
- Account can insert 2 urls to the international bug bounty programs and acknowledgment listing

Note: The lab registration details like grade, website, job are not stored in the laboratory application dbms!

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